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(Atropine ophthalmic solution)

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Shady Grove Pharmacy compounds 100% of our atropine eye drop prescriptions in our on-site, sterile cleanroom. Unlike other pharmacies where compounding technicians make your drops, ours are prepared by a licensed compounding pharmacist.

As an independently-owned pharmacy that has been in operation for almost a decade, you can feel good about leaving the health and wellness of your loved ones in the hands of Shady Grove Pharmacy. Whether filling a prescription, creating a custom compound, answering a medication management question, or providing the medical supplies you need, we take a friendly, holistic approach to helping you and your family feel better and live well.

“Awesome-great service by a cool bunch of people! After multiple disastrous visits to CVS, we switched to Costco but the service and getting in and out were a huge hassle. A friend recommended Shady Grove, and I couldn’t be happier. We pay exactly the same as what we paid elsewhere with our insurance but the difference in service and staff were just unbelievable. We will not go anywhere else-they deal with our doctor, insurance and everything else without a hassle. Love them :)” — Alexandra P.

“Sheila and Geoff have done an excellent job with Shady Grove Pharmacy! This pharmacy is the perfect combination of back-in-the-day mom & pop shop familiarity AND up-to-date efficiency and technology. The entire staff is warm and personal. My kids love to go there and beg to stop by to say hello when we are in the area. I have been filling prescriptions with them for over a year and from my first experience to every single one in between they have always made it a great experience. On more than one occasion they have gone the extra mile by sorting out insurance issues for us, rush ordering medications, and/or contacting Dr.’s for correct dosages. I wouldn’t get my prescriptions filled any where else!” – Clara G.

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About Atropine Drops

(Aropine ophthalmic solution )

Atropine drops are a safe and effective way to treat childhood nearsightedness.

In a five-year cynical trial, 0.01% atropine drops, the same medication used to safely treat lazy eye for decades, were shown to slow down the progression of myopia in children up to 50 percent with almost no side effects. These findings offer hope, especially for the parents whose children frequently require costly new prescription glasses due to rapid changes in the eyes throughout childhood. Even more, though corrective lenses can be a short-term solution to nearsightedness, they do not prevent the advancement of severe nearsightedness in later life, which is linked to increased risk of serious eye complications including macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal detachment and premature cataracts. By offering a better way to manage myopia early in life, the hope is that 0.01% atropine drops will not only offer relief to those suffering from myopia currently, but also reduce the number of people who develop these complications with age.

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We can help with that. More than 30 referring ophthalmologists in 10+ states currently trust Shady Grove Pharmacy to fill atropine drops prescriptions for their patients.

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